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18 January 1486, Henry Tudor & Elizabeth of Yorks wedding

Near Christmas the House of Commons, when granting Henry VII the usual royal supplies called tonnage and poundage, added a petition, “that he would please to take the princess Elizabeth to wife,” and when this was read every member of the assembled houses of parliament rose and bowed to the king, who answered “that he was most willing so to do.” From that day Elizabeth of York was treated as queen consort.

Henry and Elizabeth were married January 18, 1486, at Westminster abbey, by their kinsman the Archbishop of Canterbury, “by whose hand,” says a quaint chronicler, “was first tied together the sweet posy of the red and white roses.”

“Dead people can be our heroes because they cant disappoint us later; they only improve over time, as we forget more and more about them.


I thought of telling him that his own touch seared my skin and filled my veins with fire. But I was already alight and glowing like a brand.

When they make a movie of your life, who would you want to play you? (x)

I have a dilemma I want to read the outlander books but I don’t want too because i dont want to spoil the show when it comes back but I really want to read them because I want to know what happens

Klaroline and Mabekah - first meeting after a long time.

My marriage to Jamie had been for me like the turning of a great key


Orange is the New Black: a summary

"Any moment, someone’s going to find out I’m a total fraud, and that I don’t deserve any of what I’ve achieved. I can’t possibly live up to what everyone thinks I am and what everyone’s expectations of me are." ― Emma Watson